Dr. Ron Paul Has Officially Endorsed Raymond Frank For Sheriff Of Travis County

Raymond Frank
2012 Republican Candidate
for Travis County Sheriff

On November 6, 2012


I will not allow the human rights of approximately 2,480 inmates to be jeopardized by permitting federal agencies to office in the Travis County jails. This policy includes Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The authenticity of the projections on page 147-150 of Volume I of the Travis County Budget are hyperinflated totals. The public trust is violated by using spurious projections of over $2.7 million designed to justify 74 new vehicles, and over $28 thousand for additional tasers as well as increased manpower and other equipment. The FY 2012 budget is posted on the Travis County web site (www.co.travis.tx.us/planning_budget/default.asp). Other county financial reports are also posted on the Travis County Planning & Budget web site.

Abusive ticketing practices and schemes to enhance the operation is unnecessary and sends the wrong message to the commuting public.

Recorded deaths and injuries caused by the use of 50,000 volts from Taser electrical stun guns are well documented and justifies their non-use during my administration. These weapons are cruel, inhumane and torturous.

To alleviate county jail overcrowding and to reduce jail costs, I will spearhead an initiative during the 83rd Texas legislative session to reduce the penalty for possession of marijuana offenses from a Class B misdemeanor to a Class C level. Usable quantities of 2 ounces or less would be punishable by a $500 fine and no jail time. Current punishment calls for 180 days in jail for as little as one marijuana cigarette and a $2,000 fine.

Intimidation and arrogance will be replaced with dignity and respect toward the public. This is the image that we must personify. Coercion and unlawful influence will not be tolerated during questioning and interrogations.

We will aggressively patrol and protect homes and families in the populated settlements in Travis County. Assigned deputies in these areas will be held accountable for crimes committed during their tour of duty.

Assuming the 2012 budget of $135.3 million will approximate the 2013 budget, I will use my years of experience in budgetary matters to ensure the public's monies are spent wisely and with appropriate justification.

This candidate, as your Sheriff, and his subordinates will return all telephone calls within 24 hours. Not returning calls is a serious and inexcusable deficiency that plagues the incumbent Sheriff. I will not hesitate to remember that, as Sheriff, my employees are servants to the people of Travis County. Lieutenant Colonel William B. Travis, our founder and hero, would have it no other way.

Experience Level

Special Agent (Lieutenant Colonel) with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations for 15 years. Assignments in Berlin, Paris, London, Wiesbaden, Reykjavik, Iceland and South Central Texas.

I was elected Sheriff of Travis County for 8 years. I hold the Air Force's highest aeronautical rating of Command Pilot with 3600 hours.

Community Activities

Quarterly donor of blood and will surpass 7 gallons during 2012. Helping the homeless.

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